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Penis Pump Titan Gel
Titan Gel
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Titan Gel (Original) with Tagalog Manual + Penis Pump

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  • Provides comfort during intercourse

  • Positive effect and quality sex life

  • Enhances and promotes intense sensation

  • Provides good lubrication

  • Stain free, easily removed with water

  • Deposit, fragrance and parabens free

  • Significantly improve the quality of the sex life

  • Provide his partner with incredible pleasure from the very first penetration

  • Extend the time of erection and avoid premature ejaculation

  • Quickly recover after the intercourse and gift his beloved and himself with pleasure during the whole night

  • Nail down the result for good without fearing relapse of the old troubles

Titan Gel
Titan Gel Result

Titan Gel is an FDA approved special gel for men. It contains herbal and organic ingredients used for moisturization which helps improves the quality of (s)exual intercourse. Titan Gel can be used for special exercises (so called “jelqing”) that are intended to increase the (p)enis size.

          Penis Pump Titan Gel